A creative agency that provides you with custom sound solutions for your productions.


We aim to design musical strategies with you to develop a distinct and effective sound identity that suits you, consistent with the message you want to convey to your audiences.


We take care of the audio editing and mixing of your productions to deliver you a sound of quality.

sound design

Enhance the experience of your productions by making them richer and more immersive.

sound branding

We will develop an iconic sound inline with your brand identity that people will recognize you for.


Synchronized music harmonizes with your visual experience and leaves a lasting impression.

Music Production

Composition of custom original music for your productions, including a choice of quality composers and musicians.

music supervision

Our extensive musical knowledge and attention to detail allows us to pick the right song for your production.

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Rudy Lavocat-Dubuis

Head of Production

Cedric Lowis

Creative Director